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fitting in
Personal GrowthWomen

We Are More Alike Than We Are Different

In middle school, the great paradox we all stumbled on daily was how to be an individual while simultaneously fitting in. How could I be unique and at the same time be in uniform with my classmates? Where and how can I fit? I’m pretty sure all of us are still struggling with that one. It is ageless, as I’ve known exceptional women trying to fit in with others while in their 70s.

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mend a broken heart
Couples CounselingRelationships

Essential Remedies to Mend a Broken Heart

Broken hearts are always difficult to deal with. But we can’t just sulk in our sorrows forever! Check out some of these helpful strategies for mending a broken heart. Feel free to add additional tips in the comments!

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how to endure
Individual CounselingPersonal GrowthRelationships

How To Endure When Others Give Up

There are lots of people out there who hate the word endure. They hear struggle; they hear indefinite pain. I don’t happen to hear it like that. I have been lucky enough to see the amazing outcome that people get back in their relationships and personal accomplishments when they hang in there and work through tough stuff. I’ve endured my way through a lot of hard stuff and I am SO grateful I did.

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a great apology
ForgivenessRelationshipsStaying in Love

Top Secrets of Giving a Great Apology

I want to teach you today about how to deliver a great apology. It’s one of those things that we all think we do pretty well, but in truth, there’s a whole lot of room for improvement. For all of us. BIG people know how to apologize well. Giants, actually.

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how to be forgiven
ForgivenessRelationshipsStaying in Love

How To Be Forgiven

To those of you out there who have deeply disappointed your spouse by being unfaithful, and who may be really struggling because you can’t seem to fix things, I have a few ideas that usually go a long way to repair the damage, and perhaps get you a second chance.

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be your own best friend
Personal GrowthRelationships

Be Your Own Best Friend

There’s only one person in this world that you have total control over. Others may disappoint you, and not be there for you when things get really hard, but there’s always that one person who has the capacity to never let you down. And that person, of course, is you.

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build an emotional connection
Marriage CounselingRelationships

How to Build a Lasting Emotional Connection

Having a strong emotional connection with your partner is perhaps the most essential component of a relationship that is deep and lasting. It is also what many find lacking. Though men and women experience and create that special emotional bond somewhat differently, you can’t go wrong if you follow the suggestions below.

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tricks to overcome discouragement

8 Tricks to Overcome Discouragement

We all need encouragement from time to time. When the doubts start to set in, you start asking yourself things like, “Who do I think I am?”

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tough-minded woman
Individual CounselingPersonal GrowthWomen

Do You Have the 9 Traits of a Tough-Minded Woman?

I’d like to tackle the subject of being a mentally tough-minded woman. Which I think is a GOOD thing!

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