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We build in-depth Masterclasses with videos and workshops that will inspire and empower you. Whether you’re grappling with challenges that are professional, personal, or related to love and family, we’ve got or will make a class just for you. Discover huge amounts of FREE and fun quizzes, uplifting and informative videos. Grab fast checklists that keep you on track. Listen to weekly podcasts that will let you know you are never alone. And find reliable ideas to lessen your load, lift yourself and all your relationships, to the next level. We’re a membership site for women helping women who want real answers. 


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Download our latest cheatsheet called: 20 Simple Ways to Stay Close. Learn what easy things you can do every day to stay connected and well-loved.

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Free Weekly videos

Every week we share advice and ideas for self-improvement for yourself as well as with your relationships. Our videos help to inspire, elevate and inform!

Unreal Counseling | Weekly Podcast

If you’re looking for a community of like-minded women to lift you up and give you comfort and answers, we’ve got you covered! With our weekly podcast Unreal Counseling, we’re here to help walk you through life’s personal struggles of all kinds. Have a topic you’d like us to address? Send it in! We would love to hear from you!



Weekly Blog Posts

Lisa has been a relationship therapist for almost 20 years so you can imagine that she’s got a lot of helpful advice, stories and information she wants to share with you! Short and bite-sized, her blog posts are modern and relevant to the issues that many people today are dealing with.

The Membership

If you’re looking for more help and support then come join our membership. You’ll get access to all of our videos, masterclasses, workbooks, quizzes and more! We’re a membership site  for women who want real answers. 


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