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a great apology

Top Secrets of Giving a Great Apology

I want to teach you today about how to deliver a great apology. It’s one of those things that we all think we do pretty well, but in truth, there’s a whole lot of room for improvement. For all of us. BIG people know how to apologize well. Giants, actually.

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how to be forgiven

How To Be Forgiven

To those of you out there who have deeply disappointed your spouse by being unfaithful, and who may be really struggling because you can’t seem to fix things, I have a few ideas that usually go a long way to repair the damage, and perhaps get you a second chance.

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working couples stay in love

How Working Couples Stay in Love

If you’re a working wife and/or mother, you’ve probably thought to yourself, at least once or twice (a week), that you could really use your very own stay-at-home wife. I know I have! TIME is what we all want more of!

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Freebie - 20 Simple Ways to Stay Close

Download our latest cheatsheet called: 20 Simple Ways to Stay Close. Learn what easy things you can do every day to stay connected and well-loved.

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