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is he a liar

5 Ways to Tell When He’s Lying

In my work with couples over many years, especially because I do so much infidelity work, there are people who I thought were lying when they actually were not. And there were also people I believed were truthful, who were lying the entire time.

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not the one for you

10 Clues He’s Not The One For You

We’ve all been there. We’ve all found ourselves looking at our significant other knowing full well that he’s not the right guy for us. Yet we try to make the best of it. We hope things will change. We hope HE will change. We hope WE will change.

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getting along with husbands ex-wife

How To Get Along With Your Husband’s Ex-Wife

When you married your husband, you may have considered him single because he was divorced. Who could blame you? Though it’s true that he was divorced, it is less true that he was completely single if he has a living ex-wife and/or children from a previous marriage. I’m pretty sure you know this already or you wouldn’t be reading this blog post.

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hate your spouse

Ever Feel Like You Actually HATE Him?

If you’re worried that you’re looking at your significant other and feel a deep disdain and loathing for him, you’ve got LOTS of company! He probably did something to completely unhinge you or make you feel unforgivably disrespected. I don’t know. What I do know is that you’re not alone. It’s likely temporary. But here’s a reasonably benign, though incredibly irritating collection of what I hear about the most

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how to endure

How To Endure When Others Give Up

There are lots of people out there who hate the word endure. They hear struggle; they hear indefinite pain. I don’t happen to hear it like that. I have been lucky enough to see the amazing outcome that people get back in their relationships and personal accomplishments when they hang in there and work through tough stuff. I’ve endured my way through a lot of hard stuff and I am SO grateful I did.

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a great apology

Top Secrets of Giving a Great Apology

I want to teach you today about how to deliver a great apology. It’s one of those things that we all think we do pretty well, but in truth, there’s a whole lot of room for improvement. For all of us. BIG people know how to apologize well. Giants, actually.

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how to be forgiven

How To Be Forgiven

To those of you out there who have deeply disappointed your spouse by being unfaithful, and who may be really struggling because you can’t seem to fix things, I have a few ideas that usually go a long way to repair the damage, and perhaps get you a second chance.

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