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how to overcome intimidation

How Not To Be Intimidated

Intimidation is another word for bullying. Just as you cannot allow yourself or anyone in your presence to be bullied, it is equally important to never allow yourself to feel intimidated. By anyone. Ever.

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dangers of self-sabotage

Dangers of Self-Sabotage

First, let me start by saying that there is a time and a place to feel badly for ourselves and lick our wounds. It is part of the healing process. Like a bruise or any other physical injury, denying that we have pain is lying to ourselves.

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how to find counselor

How to Find a Good Counselor

Have you ever made the decision to enter into individual counseling or perhaps couples therapy and google professionals in your area? It is such an overwhelming task for many that they oftentimes give up because of fear of making a mistake in choosing the wrong person. I am frequently asked for referrals by other people. That is a huge responsibility for me because I always want to make sure I do the best job I can to find a counselor who’s going to be a perfect fit.

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fitting in

We Are More Alike Than We Are Different

In middle school, the great paradox we all stumbled on daily was how to be an individual while simultaneously fitting in. How could I be unique and at the same time be in uniform with my classmates? Where and how can I fit? I’m pretty sure all of us are still struggling with that one. It is ageless, as I’ve known exceptional women trying to fit in with others while in their 70s.

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