5 Clues That You Might Be Uber Smart

There is certainly a wide and growing array of online personality tests and intelligence quizzes that claim to measure signs of brilliance. Explaining how you stack up in an arcane and arbitrary world of tests and assessments.

We have a different take on it all. Here are six clues that indicate you are probably uber smart:

signs of brilliance

1. You Are A Fashion Mess

For example, you place little to no importance on dressing to impress or keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

Preening is not for you because you’re much too engaged and interested with important issues, world events or the words of other intelligent people to   grasp for fashionista approval or sartorial splendor.

2. You Are Less Observational...Of Mundane Clutter

You tend to live in your own mind and are all the better for it, so certain things are bound to escape your notice.

The irony is people might describe you as distracted, but they are missing the point that you are not allowing yourself to be distracted because you have more interesting things happening internally than what may be taking place externally.

3. You Care More About Being Accurate Than Being Right

Make no mistake, intelligent people can and do change their minds regularly, based on the facts presented to them. You are likely concerned more with the truth and with sensible ideas and approaches than with popular opinion or conventional wisdom.

You are a steadfast champion of observable evidence and common sense.

4. You Use Metaphors and Analogies

Your mind is able to draw upon a vast catalog of words, expressions and ideas to illustrate a point or line of thinking. For instance, through metaphors, similes and analogies you may help others understand abstract concepts on a more basic or creative level – things such as, “the economy is soaring again like a Phoenix from the ashes” or “sinking like the band playing in quicksand while on the Titanic.”

You get the picture, so to speak.

5. You See Hidden and Underlying Patterns

You have an intrinsic OR developed ability to see the interconnectedness of the world via relationships, patterns and cause-and-effect scenarios.

Based on this ability, your knack for “foreseeing” probable outcomes in situations is sharpened over time, like a keen-edged blade upon a whetstone. See what I did there?

5. A Final Thought:

So, the next time someone suggests you take an intelligence test, tell them you are much too busy picking out an outfit for the weekend or rearranging deck chairs on a sinking ship. Give them any implausible excuse or metaphor you see fit, but just know that your signs of brilliance cannot be measured by a test and that you contain contradictions that cannot be bound by conventions.

As Walt Whitman once observed so piercingly,  “Do I contradict myself ? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes” I don’t think Walt would have tested well, if at all.

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signs of brilliance

Lisa Ryan LPC

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