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hate your spouse

Ever Feel Like You Actually HATE Him?

If you’re worried that you’re looking at your significant other and feel a deep disdain and loathing for him, you’ve got LOTS of company! He probably did something to completely unhinge you or make you feel unforgivably disrespected. I don’t know. What I do know is that you’re not alone. It’s likely temporary. But here’s a reasonably benign, though incredibly irritating collection of what I hear about the most

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build an emotional connection

How to Build a Lasting Emotional Connection

Having a strong emotional connection with your partner is perhaps the most essential component of a relationship that is deep and lasting. It is also what many find lacking. Though men and women experience and create that special emotional bond somewhat differently, you can’t go wrong if you follow the suggestions below.

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working couples stay in love

How Working Couples Stay in Love

If you’re a working wife and/or mother, you’ve probably thought to yourself, at least once or twice (a week), that you could really use your very own stay-at-home wife. I know I have! TIME is what we all want more of!

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Freebie - 20 Simple Ways to Stay Close

Download our latest cheatsheet called: 20 Simple Ways to Stay Close. Learn what easy things you can do every day to stay connected and well-loved.

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