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Remain True to Your Nature

Remain True to Your Nature

You will have met people in your life where irresistible attraction is on the menu. So often it is because they represent such a new and novel way of looking at the world, of inhabiting a place in it that you may not even have realized existed. They are worth a look. They are worth an investigation and an exploration into uncharted waters. But it is very important not to forget the land and landscape of where you started, the place where your own true nature was shaped and carved and fortified.

Think of the first time oil met water on some distant shore and felt some unlikely but immediate attraction. Oil might have said, “I have so much warmth to share if only you would allow me to cover and envelop you”. 

Water, confused and overwhelmed by the advances, may have recoiled and replied, “I’m sorry, if only you could accept the abundant refreshment I can offer you instead.” 

Remaining completely true to their natures, they were completely unable to change or alter what they could offer or accept from one another. And yet, if you have ever seen oil slick upon a shallow pool of water, it can be a beautiful blending of swirling color, inalterable substance and immutable truth.

A few things to consider:

true to your nature

1. Don’t get so swept away by the beauty, certainty, or magnetism of a person, that your own beauty becomes eclipsed.

It is perhaps something many of you know instinctively while others must learn it, but eventually, if we are lucky, we all come back to ourselves like a river finding its way to the sea.

2. Try always to appreciate the other person in your life for all that they are, instead of what they are not.

You cannot lose sight of the beauty of individuality, of free and independent thought, and of what a person brings into your life, even if they take something away in the process. 

It is the ebb and flow of relationships. It is up to you to see the majesty in that, and not get mired down in petty details.

3. Another person cannot fill a hole that you have not filled yourself first.

Swim forward when you need to swim and do your own bit of saving when the time comes. No one can or should do that for you. Shore up your own life. Create your own stilts and foundation. People can only safely enter grounds where you have already filled the holes and trenches, or risk becoming a senseless casualty of something in a state of disrepair.

4. Final Thoughts

The most natural, honest and attractive thing in the world is to remain true to nature, your own flow and distinct self.

The world opens up to those who are true to themselves. The sun shines brighter, rivers run faster and water tastes sweeter. People take notice and treat you the way you demand, and deserve to be treated. Enjoy where the current takes you, and don’t be too quick to judge a patch of oil that is ready and willing to blend. They are being cautiously courageous as well.

true to your nature

Lisa Ryan LPC

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