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Relationship Bundles

Every month, I’ll provide a new relationship workshop bundle that includes an in-depth video, oodles of worksheets, and detailed planners to help you maximize the relationships in your life that matter the most. And that includes the one you have with yourself! Each relationship bundle will be focused on an essential topic that all women will be able to relate to, based on the feedback that I receive from our Busy People community.

Streaming Live Webinars

Through our streaming live video presentations, our members will be able to take advantage of the knowledge & advice of top professionals from a variety of fields. Every month, we will be live streaming webinars and lectures from a variety of special guests, added to our already robust library of personal, member-only resources. These live webinars may give you the push you need to solve problems and grow.

Support Community

One of the most valuable resources available to the Busy People community is… the Busy People Community! We immediately accept requests to join our Facebook group of exceptional women who trade secrets, swap advice, and share what worked for them, and what didn’t. Busy People VIP Members are automatically accepted to the group once they sign up for exclusive membership access.

Weekly Supportive Blogs

Every week, we will provide an exclusive blog post related to personal growth, relationship advice, and positivity. But we are not stopping there! We will also post statistics, infographics and more to compliment our blog ideas. And we are still not done! As a support community, we urge our members to write blogs or helpful stories of their own. This membership community thrives on seeing differing perspectives. 

Short Informational Videos

Tons of quick, helpful videos will be provided to all members. We have videos specifically targeted for women who are struggling with their relationship. These short videos will boost your mood and help you grow as an individual. Some videos will feature guest speakers, some will have fun animations and some will have a whole series of tips and tricks that you can do to improve your relationship with others and yourself. 

Exclusive Member Access

Becoming an exclusive member provides you with videos, blogs, webinars, workshops and relationship bundles that you can’t find anywhere else! Counseling for Busy People’s membership also allows you to showcase some strategies that worked for you. We encourage our members to write a blog or make a short video explaining their struggles and how they overcame them. And we would love to feature you!

Ready to start?

Join our waiting list today so that you can be one of the first members on the site. To be placed on the Counseling for Busy People waiting list, just hit the button below! We will keep you updated with free content in the meantime. Once the membership site is launched you will be granted full access to Counseling for Busy People. Remember, additional relationship bundles, blogs, webinars, and other goodies will be uploaded to members regularly, so be sure to check back often!


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