Welcome to
Counseling for
Busy People!

Welcome to Counseling for Busy People!

If you’ve been searching for a cozy and reliable place to learn how to make your relationships better, you can stop looking!

My name is Lisa Ryan and I’ve spent years as a relationship therapist helping men and women make their partnerships more loving, supportive, and fulfilling.

But I’ve always wanted to do more for women, to find extra hours in the day that I could use to give individuals the support they need to find their own strength and lift themselves up. Individuals just like you! 

Then one day, a dear friend suggested to me that I put some videos online with the tips and tools I’ve learned over the years in my private practice. It was like a lightbulb got turned on! I knew how I could reach out and help people find the answers and solutions they were looking for!

On this site, I wanted to create a place where women could share their hopes and struggles, their triumphs and failures. I wanted to give struggling lovers a platform where they could connect, to learn and grow from each other. I wanted to provide them with a bounty of knowledge and tools that would enable them to help themselves, while still being supported by me and their fellow community members.


Counseling For Busy People Exclusive Membership

This site is brimming with ideas and content that you’re going to love, most of it for free! Over the years, I have learned tons from my wonderful clients, from every walk of life, about life, love, family, and staying real. About confidence and insecurity. About joy. About destiny. Through this site, I will pass on the wisdom I have learned over the past 20 years. I’ll convey insights, struggles, solutions, and failures into each caring and information-packed video and Solution Bundle I create.

As a visitor to Counseling for Busy People, you will have access to a variety of blogs and videos where I lay out exactly what you have to do to strengthen your relationships with your friends, your family, your partner, and yourself. I can teach you how to get heard, and how to become a great listener! I’ll explain how to build a balanced partnership, and how to receive – not just give all the time. I can tell you the things you need to change in both your romantic relationships and your personal life, as well as what things you should hang on to for dear life!

Of course, this is just the beginning. As a member of Counseling for Busy People, you will have access to the entire Counseling for Busy People Support Community, as well as exclusive content that will give you all of the resources you need to change your relationships for the better.

About Me

I have been helping people, just like you, for nearly 20 years as a full-time counselor. Still am! I am also leading and representing Counseling for Busy People as an affordable online community of support for women who are struggling with their relationships and with themselves.

I’m brimming with ideas that you’re gonna love! I’ve learned TONS of things from emotionally generous women like you, from all over the place. I’m here to show you how to marshal your confidence and lift you up with warmth and compassion. I’ll tell you the best ways to restore broken trust. Hopefully, I may even help you save your relationships.

I care about you – I’m going to be your unmet friend who cheers you on and encourages you when you’re down. I can tell you what works. I can tell you what doesn’t. And I promise you, you are no longer alone!

You’re going to find so many answers to things you’re struggling with. With support from other women grappling with similar issues. There is so much on the Counseling for Busy People website and it’s almost entirely free. So have at it!

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