4 Steps To Be More Productive
When You’re Feeling Stuck

It can be challenging to feel consistently productive when so many things seem to be vying for your attention. You may often find yourself at an impasse – stuck or paralyzed when navigating these uncertain times, stressful environments, and unprecedented crossroads.

Never stop making decisions. Wrong or right, your decisions are what allow you to carve a path that is ultimately your own.

It’s so important to keep moving forward toward your goals, using your best instincts, rather than losing important momentum. 

If you’re struggling with this we’ve put together some practical solutions and approaches.

Stop struggling with staying on track; check out our four best habits for productivity. 

Of course, there are many more you can find on our site or in our membership! 

best habits for productivity

1. Change Your Thinking

Understand and embrace the notion that long-term gain almost always asks of you some short-term pain. When you fully appreciate this dynamic and live by it, you will see your productivity surge.

For instance, ditch any negative thinking, “I’m not good enough, not driven or talented enough.” If you identify negative patterns in your inner dialogue, make a point of ridding yourself of them by changing the questions you ask yourself in your head. Rather than ask yourself why you’re not good enough, ask yourself why you ARE good enough. The quality of your question alters the pitch, timbre and quality of your answer in your mind.

Focus on reasonably achievable goals as you move up the rungs of a ladder toward your more complex and far reaching goals. Finish all that you start, and before long things will begin falling nicely into place. Here are 10 quick things you can start doing today:

2. It’s About Tomorrow, Not Yesterday

Be forward thinking and positive. Sashay confidently in the direction of your most audacious dreams. Don’t ruminate on mistakes or failures. You can’t change the past. But you can absolutely learn what not to do again. So unload the baggage of yesterday and lean into your present. Carry only valuable lessons learned from your past. 

Don’t dwell on yesterdays. You are not headed that way. Look forward!

3. Qualities All Productive Women/People Share

Productive people share some common traits and attributes that they either possess inherently or have cultivated. For instance, they are determined, goal-oriented, adaptable, passionate, accountable, future-focused, calm and calming. 

They are gritty, disciplined, consistent, decisive, unconventional critical thinkers. They are closers!  

You can have any of the qualities above once you decide to. It is a choice you have the good fortune to make every day.

4. Building Your Plan

You are smart. You are driven and curious. You are reading this to both inform and improve yourself, so you must be! This means you have both the desire and capacity to identify and fulfill your dreams. Each dream deserves forethought and planning. Each dream benefits from a good plan. Dreams fulfilled are not accidents. They are constructs, models of our own design and hard work.  

Perhaps most importantly, each plan needs a deadline. Create a little pressure for yourself. It will help you get things finished. You will feel so much better once you’ve not let yourself down. Self-disappointment is the worst but can be remedied by building your plans and meeting your deadlines.

Final Thoughts

Just know you are not alone if you do stumble, if you do feel overwhelmed, defeated or humbled at times. There are walls in life. But it’s critically important to remember this: The walls you encounter are not there to stop you. They are there to stop the other people who do not hold their dreams dearly enough, who do not use best habits for productivity, and who may in all likelihood, give up on their dreams too soon. 

So, climb over that wall; dig underneath it. Just don’t ever let it stop you – Never, ever!

best habits for productivity

Lisa Ryan LPC

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